I'm Eric – a UX designer working at Blackbaud in Charleston, SC. I started there in June, after graduating from Indiana University's HCId Master's program. This picture shows me and a bunch of friends/peers from the program at Interaction17 – my first time in New York, super fun, and we learned a lot too (favorite talk). 

At Blackbaud I work with a lot of inspiring people on some really interesting and important problems (Blackbaud designs software for nonprofits and other social good organizations). Those are the factors that design comes down to for me: that the people I work with are excited and care about what we're working on, and that the design will do something genuinely useful for somebody. I am not particularly interested in making something 'delightful' if it isn't also solving a real problem for someone in need.

Right now I'm working on a graphic novel, trying to beat Hollow Knight, listening to a lot of Thee Oh Sees, and hanging out with my dog Wendy

What's your least favorite movie of all time? Tell me at evanscoik@gmail.com.